Additional Services & Subcontracting

Sub-contracting - I am happy to help other survey companies who would like assistance with projects they have in Mid and West Wales; dependant on the type of work of course!

Equally, if you currently provide topographical survey, engineering services, design, consultancy or similar, and would like to include utilities survey to your portfolio of services offered, please get in touch.

Drainage surveys - Drainage surveys, including ironwork positions and levels (manholes, inspection covers, gullys etc.) pipework connectivity, flow direction, pipework levels, pipe sizes and pipe material. We do not carryout CCTV surveys.

Clearance scanning - Risk reduction, rather than mapping surveys. Clearance scanning is normally centred on individual locations within a wider site, and concentrates on the presence of services rather than necessarily establishing the service's type or nature. Clearance scanning is usually carried out ahead of localised excavations such as environmental investigations.

A cross-over of clearance scanning and full utilities survey may be employed when investigating narrow corridors for proposed cable and pipeline trenching, fence lines or similar linear installations. 

Tailored utility locating - It may be that your requirement is to locate a particular utility or asset, such as a high voltage cable or water main crossing your site or land. It is often feasible to target a particular utility line, and map this as a stand-alone feature.

Buried metal detection - Utilising pulse induction metal detection, magnetometry or ground penetrating radar (GPR) to locate lost or buried metallic targets, such as underground storage tanks (USTs) manholes, valve-boxes or similar.

OS datum installation & levelling - Utilising network GNSS to establish a site datum related to the Ordnance Survey grid and level.  

Accurate positions and levels taken on points of interest, such as bore-hole installations, drainage nodes, flood defences etc. can be coordinated using total station or GNSS instruments, and are related to the OS datum. 

As built / laid utilities surveys - The exact location and level of newly laid services can be surveyed at the time of installation. This important information can be added to an existing utilities survey - keeping it current, or it can be used to form a new CAD drawing, which can be issued to the client upon completion of a project.