Topographic / Land Surveys

A topographic survey, also referred to as topographical, land or detail survey, provides a measured depiction of an area's terrain, natural and manmade features, along with associated levels, to a stated accuracy. They are used by architects, designers, engineers and building contractors to help create appropriate designs and plans, based on the existing site. They enable others to visualise and accurately measure aspects of the site from an office or other remote location.

RK Geomatics use robotic total station and RTK GNSS (fancy, survey-grade GPS) from industry leading manufacturer Trimble, to carry out our topographic surveys. Coordinated measurements are digitally recorded for office-based processing and drawing production.

Surveys are normally referenced to the Ordnance Survey grid and level, using network GNSS.

Drawings are issued to the client as structured and layered CAD files, pdf and large format hard copy.